I worked about 8 years in research areas and industry, have worked in web app development for 5 years.

I worked about 9 years in research areas and industry, have worked in web app development for 6 years.

Backend Engineer @Toptal Core Team

Jan, 2022 - Continued

Maintaining and implement new code in Ruby on Rails classified feature of the company.

Senior Solutions Architect @UNATION

May, 2021 - Jan, 2022

Managing the Ruby and Padrino codes of the company

Principal Software Engineer @Mailmunch

Aug, 2019 - May, 2021

Managed the Backend Ruby on Rails with extensive background jobs using Sidekiq multi-threaded systems. Managed the integration with around 15 third party apps including Shopify, Wix, and Mailchimp. Also, do some conversion of front-end APIs from Rails to NodeJS GraphQL.

Chief Technology Officer @GoGhoom

Jun, 2018 - Aug, 2019

Making the product from the ground up with Ruby on Rails APIs and VueJS front-end with Dev-Ops and managing the server-side requirements and deliverability. Making UX for User panels, Admin Panels, CSR Panels, Payment Gateways, Order Handling with SMS, Emails and In-App Notifications.

Web Team Lead @myZindagi

Dec, 2017 - Aug, 2018

Designing and managing back-end Ruby on Rails based Grape APIs of myZindagi with the features including fat model thin controllers, JSON responses and SMS prescription and image prescription.

Manager (Web Applications) @Pantera Pvt. Ltd.

Aug, 2016 - Dec, 2017

Managing Web Applications Front and Backend projects

Software Engineer ROR @Alchemative

Feb, 2016 - Aug, 2016

Designing of back-end Ruby on Rails based REST APIs with the features including token based authentications, multi-tenancy, multiple email account and creating full separate front end AngularJS apps that talk with the APIs. I have made complex apps like Customer Management System and Human Resources Management System that has helped me to learn a lot in web development field.

Researcher @Universita degli Studi di Genova

May, 2014 - Jan, 2016

Modelling and designing the emotion detection method for agents in crowd by measuring the behavioural changes in crowd in real time. Making a Crowd Simulator and designing behavioural agents in crowd that respond to different situations such as normal, busy and emergency scenarios. Crowd simulator is made in agile so it is easy to change for any kind of scenario and layout to simulate the crowd.

Crowd emotion detection is based on probabilistic graphical model based machine learning so machine learning method can be used anywhere for logical reasoning and automatic responses. Right now, I am working on panic behaviour simulation design in agents to simulate an emergency scenario to understand how crowd behaves in panic.

Embedded System Developer @Powersoft19

Sep, 2013 - Apr, 2014

Testing of Embedded firmware and embedded system designing. Designing embedded data acquisition bench for testing embedded firmware on PIC32MX795F512L. Also designing various drivers for PIC32 like SPI, WIFI, USART and I2C using MPLAB.

Design and Development Engineer @Engineering Connections

Jun, 2013 - Nov, 2013

Designing, configuring home and industrial automation devices. SMS facility in automation with android, windows 8 and iOS application development.